Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Citrus Beet and Fruit Salad

In Pune, there are two seasons; the one where you need rain gear and one where you don’t. Sure there are temperature variations throughout the year, but this is pretty much the only difference. Summer clothes are not that different than winter clothes, with the exception of a light sweater and I really don’t recollect there being a spring in Pune. It’s pretty much either hot or wet and the only seasonal touch to your wardrobe comes from a worn out jacket or sweater. Even after a decade here in New York, I am still not really used to the four specific seasons. Especially summer, which is so short here in the city. And even though we’re soon approaching the end of the fall season, I am still enjoying my summer salads.

2 Beets peeled and pressure cooked and cooled
1 Apple
1 Orange
1 Mango
4 Figs cut into quarters
Zest of one Orange
1 tsp Mint chopped
2 tbsp Orange Juice
3 tsp chopped Pecans

Cut the Beets, Apples and Mango into cubes and place in a bowl
Peel the orange, separate flesh from skins and add to bowl
Add figs, mint, orange zest and pecans to the bowl
Drizzle orange juice evenly
Toss the salad gently and serve