Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Chutney Sandwich

After securing a less than adequate percentage in my foundation examination during my first year of art school, I was faced with a dilemma. Bribe someone with a lot of money at the school or bribe someone with a little money at the state level and have them direct the school to accept me in the program of my choice for very little money. The second option although the natural choice was easier said than done. It involved traveling to Bombay and dealing with the red tape at the Directorate of Art in the J.J School of Art compound. Of course, after a little research, I did find someone who was willing to push some paper for a little grease on the palms. And since said transaction couldn't be done in broad day light, he suggested I meet him in front of V.T. station at lunch time. There are a number of small food stalls that sell delicious food on the footpath opposite V.T. station, so that was a good option. We met at a man selling vegetable sandwiches out of a cart. 'Indian Club Sandwich - Rs 3.00' it said in bold type. He grilled it in a hand held contraption on a bed of coals. The piping hot sandwich was served on cut up pieces of old newspaper. I along with my 'associate' ate a hearty meal of fresh lemonade and a club sandwich and got out for under 10.00 rupees. After lunch I gave him a suspicious brown package and took the Deccan Queen to Pune. Next week I was called into my college to let me know that I had been admitted to the applied art program. I still remember that sandwich fondly and I wish to someday visit VT station. I hope my sandwich guy is still there.

Sliced Wheat Bread
Chutney (click here for recipe)
Sliced Tomato
Thinly sliced Cucumber

Apply chutney on one slice of bread
Apply butter on another slice of bread
On the chutney side place a layer of sliced cucumber
Add a layer of tomatoes
Close the sandwich with the buttered slice
Cut off crusts and cut the sandwich diagonally
Serve with hot chai