Thursday, November 27, 2008

Spicy Mango Avocado Sushi

Besides vacation, summer in Pune meant the mushrooming of Mango stalls pretty much everywhere there was space available. If one had a sky view, the entire city would look like it had a case of saffron coloured chicken pox with the abundance of mangoes everywhere. The Alphonso mango is the greatest fruit on the surface of this planet and the naysayers who pooh-pooh the notion just haven’t had one from Ratnagiri. Mango, the Alphonso Mango, especially remains by far my favourite food and I have tried to come up with recipes that use mango, even where it is not needed. We have recently embarked on a heart-friendly diet trying to cut a lot of the fat and sodium from our diet leaving me to find new ways of make food interesting and edible. The mango never fails to come to the rescue of such ambition and I have managed to forge a couple of good heart-friendly recipes. Here's one such triumph.

For Rice
3 cups cooked Brown Rice
3 tbsp Rice Vinegar
2 tsp sugar
Pinch of salt
Nori Wraps (Seaweed sheets)

For Filling
1 semi-ripe peeled Mango sliced into extremely thin julienne pieces
1 Carrot sliced as above
1 Cucumber (white part) sliced as above
1 Avocado sliced as above

For Sauce
Flesh of 1 ripe Mango
1/2” piece of Ginger
4 tbsp light Coconut Milk
Pinch of Chilli Flakes

Mix the vinegar, salt and sugar in a pot and heat on a low flame till the sugar dissolves and allow it to cool.
Spread the cooked rice while it is warm and gently flatten it
Drizzle the vinegar mixture on the rice and fold the rice to make sure the vinegar is spread evenly
On a Sushi mat place one Nori Sheet aligned with the edge of the mat
Cover the sheet with a very thin layer of rice
Place the sliced vegetables lengthwise parallel to the edge of the mat
Make the roll (Click here for video directions on making a roll)
Once the roll is done, cut into small pieces
To make the sauce, mix all ingredients and blend till it is a fluffy, homogenous mixture
Place a tiny dollop of sauce on each of the pieces
Serve with pickled ginger and wasabi