Thursday, March 20, 2014

Protein Packed Idli

I have been away for a long time and a lot has happened while I was gone. Changed a few jobs, became an artist, an entrepreneur, got separated from my beloved wife and started eating healthy. With all the questions one might ask about the above list, I’ll talk about the most important, eating healthy. I’ve indulged in many unnecessary fads in the past couple of years—veganism, vegetarianism, gluten free diets, raw diets, not to mention excessive Instagramming, Facebooking and Twittering. The one thing I can proudly say is that I never became a Kardashian fan! I’m over all of it, at least on the diet front and back to the one diet that sticks—the desi diet! During the past couple of years, I did pick up quite a few new recipes and modified old ones to fit my diet. Idli’s although full of carbs have the potential to pack a major protein punch. Especially, when you modify the ingredients to include protein rich beans and reduce the amount of rice.


3/4 cup Udad (black matpe bean)
3/4 cup Mung Bean
1 Cup Brown Basmati Rice
Salt to taste
Oil for greasing pan.


Soak Urad and Mung in one container and Rice in another container overnight
Blend into a batter separately
Mix the two batters and allow to ferment overnight
Add salt next morning and mix thoroughly allowing the risen batter to fall
Grease idli or dhokla pans and pour batter generously allowing for enough space to rise
Steam for about 10 min
Remove from steamer
Serve with Tamarind or Coconut Chutney.


Vega said...

Hey! I love your blog and I can believe your new post! Thank you very much! Kisses from Spain!

Nivedita Barve said...

Good to see you back! As always your post is packed with great taste :)

Anonymous said...

Pleasantly surprised to see you back! Didn't expect that.
Keep writing.

I'm a fellow Maharashtrian from Pune. I write about food too:

Joanna said...

I was missing your blog. I love Idli and this is very useful. Sorry about your separation--such things are very painful.

Unknown said...

I'm glad you're back. Missed your writing. All this time I used to visit your blog every now and then to was hoping to see some new post. Hope things are getting better for you now.
Take care!
Cheers mate,

Jayshree Bhagat said...

idlis are my favorite,,,,this is something a real good version of them

Jayshree Bhagat said...

idlis are my favorite, but this is something a real good version of them

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Tanvi Nerlekar said...

Abu is extremely proud :)