Sunday, July 13, 2008

What is the difference between a Sauté and a Stir-fry?

Recently, I visited one of my favourite Thai restaurants, Pongsri, in New York. One of our mutual friends found two items on the menu that looked exactly the same with similar ingredients. The only difference was that one was sautéed and the other one was stir-fried. She asked me what the difference was and it was something I had never thought about. Does anyone know?


KALVA said...

I think Saute " doenst mean cooking on high heat, and the veggies will be cooked more compared to Stirfry"

Stirfry "Cooking on very high heart for very less time and making sure the veggies arent cooked through completely, keeping their crunch"

Anonymous said...

I think Kalva has hit the nail on the head

Anonymous said...

Sauté is French and Stir-fry is a Chinese technique. Both involve cooking on high heat.

When you sauté, the ingredients are occasionally tossed. In case of meat/fish, it is allowed to cook/brown on one side and then turned over and cooked on the other side.

When you stir-fry, the ingredients are continually tossed. The seasoning is added to hot oil, then meat is added and stir-fried and then the vegetables are added depending on the time they take cook. Some stir-fry recipes involve adding a dash of water and covering the wok for a few to steam cook the ingredients after they are stir-fried.

Anonymous said...

You saute meat like the way you do for chicken/mutton(not fish which is too delicate)also known as the Bhunao(hindi) method of cooking.
Stir fry is when you cook at high heat so that the veggies get cooked partially but at the same time remain crunchy and meat can never be stir fried (unless cut into very thin strips)

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